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VIP Crossfire and CSGO Cheats
Hi i've been using the CF EU vip hack for some time now, guessing 3 months so far. So i've decided to give a review about it and an honest opinion.

The hack is pretty damn nearly perfect only i miss some few features that iv'e seen in public vip hakcs. Example: Long melee knife, 360 melee knife, rapid attack melee knife, these are features that will certainly increase the amount of people buying it.

Also i have 1 complaint about the aimbot. When your visibility is on and some of your teammates are in front you the aimbot doesn't detect the enemy anymore trough your're teammates. Now you could put visiblility off, but if you do so and your presssing shift for your aimbot you might be aiming trough walls sometimes so you'll look more suspicious which i want to avoid at all cost. So i leave it on visibility on. But it would be really great if you guys can do something about this.

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