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BluBoosting plans to add a premium VIP section where you can buy custom coded cheats for certain games as well as gain full access to the bluboosting forums. This will include full admin support on any vip cheat.

Now to subscribe to become a vip we are only accepting paypal as a means of paying for the time being, below will be a guide on how to subscribe, please leave a reply to this thread if you have any comments or concerns regarding vip subscriptions, help finding where to do it and so forth. Thanks!

First you need to go to your User Control Panel, or CP for short. This can be found in the top left corner of any page on the bluboosting site.

[Image: fO7xVQ]

Next up, you should see a page that looks like this.

[Image: IpX1Qt]

Click the link that says MySubscriptions, highlighted in the picture above. Then you just need to chose the subscription, only one available for now, and follow the instructions needed to purchase it.

I hope this helped you and you can all gain full vip access to the website as soon as possible! 

Currently BluBoosting offers a very limited number of features for VIP, this will be expanded on shortly and anything you spend now will be used to better the website and bring proper VIP content! Please think of it as a donation at this point. Also anyone that subscribes now will be given 11 free months of VIP so essentially a year worth of VIP for all future VIP content. This offer will stop the moment we start offering true VIP content, which could be at anytime. Thank you for visiting BluBoosting if you are a new member, and thank you for taking the time to read this if you are a currently registered member!
cuando pondran mas hackk de crossfire ??

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